Reach qualified private service and hospitality job seekers with our recruiting team. 

There are many parties involved in the employment process, each with their own goals and aspirations. Our goal is to connect the candidate with the best suitable background. 



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Welcome to our premier staffing agency. 

Reach private service and hospitality job seekers using our highly experienced recruitment team. 

Over the years we have successfully connected and build a solid database of talented and experienced candidates worldwide.  Our goal is to build a relationship with our Job Seekers and Hiring Employers using a consistent hiring method. 

Private database of qualified candidates directly submitted in 48 hours. 


Hiring the perfect candidate has never been so easy with or concierge hiring service.

We are offering the top job opportunities for private service and hospitality candidates  


We are expanding our job opportunities nationwide and offering top salaries. 

Highly competitive interviewing process and highest rated background check service provided. 




Experiencing difficulties finding the right candidate for your client? Our recruiter process has been proven to be the most effective for hiring and keeping the candidates longevity. 

We don’t thrive on turnover, but we excel on full-time satisfactory with the client and Job seeker in mind. 

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Hiring the perfect candidate for the position can be stressful or time consuming. 

We have now advanced our process and know what it takes to be successful in the private service and hospitality industry. 

You’re not only here to hire the best candidate, but the best recruitment agency. 

Our database of job seekers and process should  provide way less stress. 


Meet The Team

Thanks for visiting our boutique staffing agency. All of our in house staff have worked in the private service industry and all have an expertise on hiring private services and hospitality candidates. 

Our founder has been in the business for 10+ years working for well known A - List celebrities and is now staffing these individuals Estates, Yachts, Planes, Offices and more. 


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Upscale Hire takes the hiring process very seriously and keeping our clients identity completely confidential is our main goal. 

We submit candidate a little differently.

Our process consists of interviewing with one of team members beforehand and building their full employment package. 

After that you will proceed with the interviewing process and usually this would consist of two more rounds of interviewing. 

Our standard final stage would be a three day min trial-run and offer would be provided to the candidate directly after.