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Our belief in matchmaking sets us apart from other staffing agencies. We work with the best candidate.

Our expert team sources qualified candidates and conducts a rigorous screening and interviewing process. Extensive reference screening and background checks are completed to ensure only the highest quality candidates meet with our clients.

SSN Trace & Address History

Verify Social Security Number with names, aliases, date of birth, and address history.

National Criminal Records

National criminal multi-jurisdictional search across court and correctional records for inmates, probation, parolees, arrests, and warrants.

Sexual Offender Registries

Scan national and state sex-offender databases to ensure your employees are not registered offenders.

County & Statewide Criminal Search

The most accurate manual in-person search of criminal court records available for all counties in the United States.

Motor Vehicle & Driving Records

Check drivers license and motor vehicle records including status, class type, points, and all violations.

Watch List & Compliance Screening

Detect risky or sanctioned individuals from Federal and International agencies such as FBI, terrorist watch lists, OFAC, & INTERPOL.

Education Verification

Verify education degree or certification from over 5,300 universities, colleges, junior colleges, and trade schools in the US.

Employment Verification

Verify a candidate resume with employment history, dates employed, and job title.